Welcome To The Hope Tree - Where Families Matter
If you can imagine a giant oak tree, one where the roots go down deep and where you can find shelter and rest under its branches. This service which was set up in Ashford in 2015 is a unique holistic support service for Children young people and their families and it exists to provide a place where through the counselling, advice and training that we will offer we can facilitate change, build strong roots and give those who use our services fresh hope for the future. Current Statistics show that one in 10 young people and children suffer from mental health problems in the UK something that has been diagnosed by a doctor.

The Hope tree Counselling and Consultancy Service aims to be an effective support in schools settings and in the local community for children and young people who may be going through difficult transitions in their lives and need space and time to talk about their feelings. Our Parenting and advice programmes will provide a forum for parents to discuss heart to heart issues on bringing up their children. We believe the need for supporting the family unit in this current climate has never been greater.

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